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Photo of Tunis Wilson Funeral Procession

Photographs of the funeral procession for Tunis Wilson; (died 4/20/1917). Tunis Wilson was a second lieutenant in Company L. of the Fifth Infantry Regiment of Illinois. He was recruiting men for his company when he contracted pneumonia and died. His…

Tunis Wilson Funeral

Photograph of funeral procession of Tunis Wilson. Ran in the Decatur Daily Review, 4/26/1917. Full obit: Decatur Herald; 4/23/1917; p. 3

Arthur D. Wilson

BIO470-WILSON, ARTHUR D, 1-2-1921.jpg
Photograph of Arthur D. Wilson; (died 4/11/1931). Special officer for the Illinois Central Railroad. He was best known for his connection with the Illinois National Guard. He joined the old Fifth Regiment in 1897. This company became a federalized…

Dr. Arthur F. Wilhelmy

Photograph of Dr. Arthur F. Wilhelmy; (died 4/16/1920). He started his practice of medicine in Decatur about 1897 after graduating from the Cincinnati College of Medicine. He was elected county physician soon after taking up his practice here. He was…

Col. W. Lutz Krigbaum

Photograph of Col. W. Lutz Krigbaum taken by Wasson Studio of Decatur, IL. Article on back of photo; "Krigbaum, Col. W. Lutz. During World War I he commanded Decatur's own company A, 124th machine gun battalion, and won a Distinguished Service Cross…

W. L. Krigbaum

BIO218-KRIGBAUM_W_L-1, 6-24-1913.jpg
Photograph of W. L. Krigbaum taken by Wasson Studio, Decatur, IL.

J. Frank Cassell

Photograph of J. Frank Cassell (b. 11/11/1860, d. 3/14/1948). He was prominent in the Illinois National Guard, and served in the Spanish-American War and World War I. He was the former publisher of the Decatur Republican.

Photo of Company "H", Illinois National Guards on return from Springfield, IL. standing at attention with duffel bags

Herald and Review Library: Photo of Co. H, Illinois National Guards, on return from Springfield, IL.

Illinois National Guard parading down N. Main St. in downtown Decatur, IL c. 1918
Illinois National Guard parading down N. Main St. in downtown Decatur, IL c. 1918