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Photo of House on 308 W. Main Street

HO128-308_W_MAIN_ST, W_H_LINN_HSE.jpg
Photograph of House at 308 W. Main Street. "Built by W. H. Linn in 1888. It was later the home of his son, W. W. Linn, and his daughter, Mrs. M. A. DeForest.. She sold it to Dawson and Wikoff in 1922. In 1928 it was bought from Dawson and Wikoff by…

Mrs. M. M. (Olive) Wornick

BIO478-WORNICK_OLIVE, (MRS_M_M, 5-17-1914.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. M. M. (Olive) Wornick; (died 5/26/1943). Prominent in civic and social work in Decatur. She had been a member of the Decatur Woman's Club since 1904. In 1914 she was vice-chairman of the art and literature division of that club.…

Mrs. A. M. Wells (Mary R.)

BIO459-WELLS_MRS_A_M, (MARY R), 10-30-1927.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. A. M. Wells (Mary R.). Died 6/18/1954. Wife of Rev. A. M. Wells who died in 1950. He was for 50 years in the Methodist ministry in Central Illinois. During the last 19 years of his ministry he was executive secretary of the…

Mrs. Frederick Pahmeyer (Laura W. Wikoff)

Photograph of Mrs. Frederick Pahmeyer; (Laura W. Wikoff); died 7/13/1933. She was for many years a member of the Decatur Woman's Club and prominent in civic affairs. Her husband, who died in 1921, was the founder of the Pahmeyer Cigar Factor which…

Florence E. McConnell

BIO252-MCCONNELL_FLORENCE_E, 3-16-1930.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. Florence E. McConnell (born 7/6/1867; died 8/19/1945). Prominent Decatur civic leader. 1929-1937 executive secretary Decatur Community Chest. Helped organize Decatur YWCA, Girl's Welfare Home, and Traveler's Protective Assn. First…

Rose Elliott

BIO133-ELLIOTT_ROSE, C1925.jpg
Photograph of Rose Elliott (b. 5/10/1864, d. 11/28/1940). She was a member of the Decatur Women's Club, and active in the Shakespeare, Civics, and Psalemas division. Elliott was the former chairman of the Civics Division, a member of the Stephen…

Maria Buckingham

BIO68-BUCKINGHAM_MARIA, (LEFT), 9-3-1933055.jpg
Photograph of Maria Buckingham, Mrs. Lynn Barnes, and Mrs. John Cantrall standing in front of a house. Maria Buckingham (d. 7/30/1937) was a native of Decatur and a prominent member of several civic organizations. She was the secretary of the…