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Photographs of North Water Street over several decades.

ST37-N_WATER-4, 200_BLOCK, 048.jpg
Photograph of buildings in the 200 Block of N. Water that were torn down in 1996. Photograph of 200 Block early 1900's. Photograph from postcard. Photograph of Water Street, 1896. Photograph of the 100 Block of N. Water St. taken 10/1/1907.…

Mrs. A. M. Wells (Mary R.)

BIO459-WELLS_MRS_A_M, (MARY R), 10-30-1927.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. A. M. Wells (Mary R.). Died 6/18/1954. Wife of Rev. A. M. Wells who died in 1950. He was for 50 years in the Methodist ministry in Central Illinois. During the last 19 years of his ministry he was executive secretary of the…