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Photos of the W. H. Grindol & Sons Monument Co.

Photograph of W. H. Grindol and Sons. Left to right, Walter E. Grindol, W. H. Grindol,, and John F. Grindol. Walter E. Grindol (died 2/11/1930.) He was associated with his father and brother W. H. Grindol & Sons monument business. He specialized in…

John F. Grindol

BIO157-GRINDOL_JOHN_F, 4-25-1921.jpg
Photograph of John F. Grindol (d. 4/25/1921). He was the son of W.H. Grindol, and a part of the W.H. Grindol & Sons monument business. He was one of the oldest members of the Goodman band, and was president at the time of his death. The photo was…

W.H. Grindol and Family

BIO156-GRINDOL_FAMILY, 12-5-1911.jpg
Photograph of W.H. Grindol and his family. Top row (L-R): Walter Grindol, Mrs. Sophia Watt, Dr. James F. Reid, Mrs. Walter Grindol, Mrs. John F. Grindol. Second row (L-R): John F. Grindol, W.H. Grindol, Wilbur G. Watt, Mrs. W.H. Grindol, Mrs. Mae…