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Photographs of Winter Activities
Various photographs of winter activities including sledding and sleighing parties, one taken in 1910 and 1955 and the others taken at unknown dates.

Photograph of a Group of Swimmers
Photograph of a group of wimmers during the summer in 1912.

Photograph of a Roque Tourney
Photograph of a roque tourney taken on August 6th, 1946. Roque is a form of crochet played on a hard surface or court surrounded by a bank.

Photograph of Man Playing Pinball
Photograph of a man playing pinball at an unknown location and an unknown date.

Photograph of a High Jump
Photograph at an unknown location of a man doing a high jump taken on May 22nd, 1909.

Photographs of Children Playing
Various photographs of children playing taken in 1936, 1945, 1948, 1958 and 1960.

Photograph of Girls Fencing
Photograph of two girls fencing together taken in 1936.