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Postcard from Henry Hibbs to Williams Hibbs - January 22, 1918 - La Chateau et l'Avant-Port de Guerre

HH69-Postcard from Henry to William Hibbs - Jan 22, 1918 - Brest. - La Chateau et l'Avant-Port de Guerre_0001.jpg
This is a postcard from Henry Hibbs to William Hibbs letting William know they left Brest on the 8th of January and arrived in New York on the 22,d of January. There is a picture of the Brest port on the front of the postcard with ships, a fort, and…

Postcard from Henry Hibbs to William Hibbs, April 25, 1918, $5000.00 insurance policy information

HH61-Postcard from Henry to William - April 25, 1918 - insurance information - side 2_0001.jpg
This is a post card from Henry Hibbs to William Hibbs letting him know that Henry has taken out a $5000.00 insurance policy and that William is the beneficiary. He also states that Johnny has not taken out an insurance policy yet and that they have…

Alonzo Gray

BIO154-GRAY_ALONZO, 2-13-1910.jpg
Photograph of Alonzo Gray. He came to Decatur in 1878 from New York, and was employed by Wabash Railroad until 1910. At that time, he went to work for the Illinois Traction System. He was an expert on interior car-work, and a cabinet maker by…

Stephen Decatur By Chappel

Engraving of Stephen Decatur by G.R. Hall. The original painting it was copied from was done by Chappel. The engraving was published by Johnson, Fry & Co of New York.