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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Tabby Cat on the Porch

Photograph of a tabby cat on the porch of a house.

Family on the Porch of a Big House

Photograph of a family sitting on the porch of the big house.

Please Come Down n Play

Photograph of a dog and cat on the porch. The dog is Trixy. Photo is labeled "Please come down n play".

Photograph of Porches along the 400 Block of N. Church St.

Photograph taken of the porches on the East side of the 400 block on N. Church St.

Baby Haynes

BIO172-HAYNES_BABY, 10-22-1907.jpg
Photograph of Baby Haynes on the porch of a house. The photo was taken by J.K. Stafford on October 22, 1907 in Decatur, IL. The photo is part of the J.K. Stafford collection.

Two Women on the Porch

Photograph of two women on the porch. One is Mabel Grubbs. The other is unknown

Family Photo on the Front Porch

Photograph of an unknown family sitting on the front porch.

Viv At Home

Photograph of Viv on the porch of her home in Decatur, IL

Gene and an Unknown Man Sitting on the Porch

Photograph of Gene Roberts and an unknown man sitting on the porch of a house in Decatur, IL. Gene is wearing his US Navy uniform.

Independent Sewing Circle

Photograph of the unknown women of the Independent Sewing Circle sitting on the front porch of a house. The photo was taken by Rembrandt Studios, and used by the Decatur Herald or Daily Review in 1917.