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"Saving Wood"

Photograph of Edna sitting on a wood pile. Photo labeled "Saving Wood" in photo album. Back of photo: "Don't I look industrious on this wood pile? I didn't saw it however! This was taken in a timber west of our place. This is the size picture my…

"The Good Old Times on the Farm"

Photograph of the Adkins-Stevenson farmstead in Bement, IL. This was the home of Charles Adkins, former Speaker of the House of Illlinois. He was a farmer, lecturer, educator, and politician.

"The Loyal Mothers of A. Co. 124 Machine Gun Co., Jan. 30th 1918"
WWI - Loyal mothers of A. Co. 124 machine gun battalion, 1/30/1918. See Mothers of A. Company pg. 1.

"Warm Meals At All Hours"

Photograph of a mother pig with her piglets on a farm. The caption on the back says: "Warm meals at all hours".

"Women, Uncle Sam Wants To Know What You Can Do"
Billboard in Central Park advertising a registration day for women of Decatur to sign up for the Decatur unit of the Women's Committee, Council of National Defense during WWI. c. 1917

1327 E. Condit St.

Photograph of the house at 1327 E. Condit St.

1582 N. Main St., Decatur, IL

Photograph of 1582 N. Main St. in Decatur, IL

1904 Ramblers

Photograph of Ramblers along N. Water St. in front of storefronts like the Macon County Title and Loan and Johnson and Landis Bicycles in 1904.

1906 Ebel's Decatur City Directory

This is the 1906 Ebel's Decatur City Directory.

1914 Decatur High School Decanois

This is the 1914 Decatur High School Decanois yearbook. This is the first yearbook that Decatur High School ever published.