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Philip Kayser

Photograph of Philip Kayser (b. 5/23/1868, d. 1/24/1932). Kayser was the constable in Decatur Township, a city commissioner, and a member of the city council. He came to Decatur from Indiana in 1902 to help build the Decatur Bridge Co. plant, and…

Elmer R. Elder and His Family

BIO132-ELDER_ELMER_R & FAMILY, 4-22-1923.jpg
Photograph of Elmer R. Elder (b. 1/13/1878, d. 2/4/1928) and his family. Elder was elected mayor of Decatur in 1923 over Dan Dinneen. He entered politics in 1920, and was elected to the board of supervisors as the Assistant Supervisor of Decatur…