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Photograph of the Wabash R.R. St. Louis Bridge

Photograph of the Wabash R.R. St. Louis Bridge, taken December 1st, 1912. Caption: A crew of men with a steam engine has been working under the railroad track on this bridge most of the summer. It has been a curious sight to see an upright boiler…

Wabash Railroad on the St. Louis Bridge

Photograph Wabash passenger train on the St. Louis Bridge heading to St. Louis, MO. Photo taken Aug 28, 1898. Print from the J. K. Stafford Collection of negatives taken in the late 1890's and early 1900's which were in possession of Mr. and Mrs.…

On The Sangamon At the St. Louis Bridge

Photograph of the St. Louis Bridge taken in 1896 from the Sangamon River. The other photo is a close up of the bridge.

Photograph of County Bridge near St. Louis Bridge

Photograph of wooden plank bridge with two horse and buggies on bridge. St. Louis Railroad bridge in the background. Photo from Noel C. Dicks, Arthur, IL.