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Swede with the Contest Mail

Photograph of Swede Besalke looking over the contest mail at the Herald and Review on March 14, 1955.

Clubhouse With Pool

Negative of the clubhouse and pool at the South Side Country Club on June 16, 1955.

1955 Decatur High School Decanois

This is the 1955 Decatur High School Decanois yearbook.

Photograph of Lincoln School

Photograph of the exterior of Lincoln school taken on March 17th, 1955.

Photo of Building on located on 815-819 N. Van Dyke St.

Photograph of Building at 815-819 N. Van Dyke St. In 1955 this building was occupied by the Grinstead Grocery Store. Curtis Calhoun lived at 904 N. Van Dyke.

Photo of Stewart's Dry Goods, 211 N. Water St., Decatur, IL.

BD107-211 N. Water st.jpg
Photograph of Stewart's Dry Goods located at 211 N. Water St. They started business in Decatur on March 5, 1897 in this building. Folrath's Shoe Store took possession of this building on July 6, 1908 after Stewart's had moved to the north on the…

Photos of Decatur Lumber Co.

Photograph of the Decatur Lumber Co. --Lumber Shed. Photo ran in the Review Dec 31, 1909. Lumber Co. located at 666 N. Water at Wabash Street. Photo of Decatur Lumber and Manufacturing co. --Machine Room. This factory, located at 666 N. Water, is the…

Photo of Steak n Shake Restaurant

Photograph of Whitehouse Steak n Shake Restaurant Famous for their Steakburger. In 1955 there were two Steak n Shakes, 129 E. William and 820 N. Main Street, Decatur, IL.

Photos of Programmers at WSOY Radio Station.

Photo of programmer, taken 9/21/1955. Photo of radio DJ inside studio, taken 1965. Photographs of WSOY DJ in studio, taken 1955. Photograph of Programmer, taken 9/21/1955.

Photographs of 328 W. Prairie Ave.

Photographs of 328 W. Prairie Ave. This was the home of Orville B. Gorin. His daughter, Gussie, still lived there in 1954.