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Photographs of the Racetrack

RC102-Race Track_G Keller_1898_N of Garfield__150.jpg
The first photo was taken August 23rd, 1898 at the George A. Keller racetrack located just north of Garfield Ave. and between the I.T.S. tracks and the Illinois Central R.R. tracks. The track was closed in 1908 when local option hit Decatur and…

Photograph of Automobiles Racing at the Fairgrounds

AU12-Racing_Fair Grds_No date_337 (1).jpg
Photograph of automobiles racing at the fairgrounds at an unknown date.

Photographs of the Lake Decatur Sailboat Yacht Races

Photographs of the Lake Decatur Sailboat Yacht Races taken August 25, 1946.

Photograph of 418 N. Water St.

HO70-418_N_WATER_ST, J_R_RACE_HS, 9-11-1935.jpg
Photograph of 418 N. Water St. For 45 years this handsome residence stood on the northeast corner of North and Water streets. In 1916 it was demolished to make way for the business buildings. J.R. Race erected the home in 1870-1871 and it was at the…

Photographs of 424 W. Prairie Ave.

HO144-424_W_PRAIRIE_ST-1, GEORGE_C_KINSMAN_HSE, 11-26-1905.jpg
Photographs of the interior and exterior of 424 W. Prairie Ave. This house was built in 1905 by George C. Kinsman. It was bought by Miss Ella Race in 1912. In 1946 it was sold to Paul Swarm of the Swarm Insurance Agency.

Photograph of 414 W. Main St.

Photograph of 414 W. Main St. this house was built by J.W. Race about 1880. He sold it in 1904 to William Y. Jackman. It changed hands several times before 1911 when John Henton bought it and tore it down and built the Henton Apartments on that site.

Photo Of Early Automobile Race

Photograph of two automobiles racing in 1910.