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Photograph of N. Jackson St. at the 500 Block
Photograph of the house at the 500 block of N. Jackson St. This house was built by David S. Shellabarger in 1866. In 1879 he built another home at Franklin and Eldorado which became the Decatur High School annex and was torn down in 1934.

Lucien Carpenter Shellabarger
Photograph of Lucien Carpenter Shellabarger; born 1/31/1868; died 6/12/1943; married Mable Lord; then married Mrs Iva Faith Camerer; 10/9/1917. Lucien was the son of David Shellabarger, owner and operator of the old Shellabarger Milling Co.;…

David S. Shellabarger
Photography of David S. Shellabarger; born 7/11/1837; died 1/2/1913; married Anna E. Krone; 1/6/1862; he organized the Shellabarger Milling Co. in 1856, in 1892 he disposed of his milling interest to American Hominy Co., in 1903 he organized the…