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Photograph of the Corner of Oakland and Eldorado

Photograph of the corner of Oakland Ave. and Eldorado taken at an unknown date.

Photograph of N. Jackson St. at the 500 Block

Photograph of the house at the 500 block of N. Jackson St. This house was built by David S. Shellabarger in 1866. In 1879 he built another home at Franklin and Eldorado which became the Decatur High School annex and was torn down in 1934.

Photographs of 268 W. Eldorado, The Commons Cadet House

Photographs of 268 W. Eldorado St. In 1907 this house was the clubhouse of the Decatur Cadets. It was known as the "Commons Cadet House". Previous to this it was the home of Dr. S.J. Bumstead.

Photograph of 247 W. Eldorado

HO109-247_W_ELDORADO_ST, NATHAN_TUPPER-_HSE, 9-2-1906.jpg
Photograph of 247 W. Eldorado St. Part of this house was built in 1855 and more of it in 1857. A man from Jacksonville, IL was building the house in 1855 and had only three rooms done when Nathan W. Tupper bought it from him. In 1857 the second story…

Photograph of 1324 W. Eldorado

Photo of 1324 W. Eldorado St taken on August 2, 1951.

Photograph of 519 W. Eldorado

Photograph of 519 W. Eldorado St. taken on June 6, 1950.

Photograph of 336 E. Eldorado

Photograph of 336 E. Eldorado St. This house was built by W. L. Ferguson in 1904. According to the city directories it was owned by Albert W. Stephens in 1930 and be Albert Scholz in 1946, who still owned it in 1954.

Photograph of the Corner of Jackson and Eldorado

Photograph of the house at the 400 block of E. Eldorado at the corner of Jackson St. It was built by George Haworth in 1881-1882. Haworth sold the property to Moses Stafford who sold it to St. Patrick's Catholic Church in 1891 to be used for a parish…

Photograph of Ed Platt Receiving Medal

FD96-PLATT, WILL-1, 4-6-1934.jpg
Photograph of Fire Chief Ed Platt being presented by Commissioner Tom Moran a gold medal as a token of the esteem of businessmen and friends of the East Eldorado street business district in which is located No. 2 firehouse where he served for 39…

Photos of Decatur Bridge Company

Photograph BS67: Decatur Bridge Co. Office Building - New, photo taken 1/23/1911. Print from J. K. Stafford Collection of negatives taken in the late 1890's and early 1900's which were in possession of Mr. and Mrs. Jack French of Cerro Gordo in…