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Long Range Planning Committee - November 14 and 21, 1994

These are the minutes from the November meeting of the Long Range Planning Committee, At these two meeting the committee revised and reviewed goals, looked at the summary, and elective summary for final presentation to the B of D in December.

Robert I. Hunt

BIO181-HUNT_ROBERT_I-1, C1895.jpg
Photograph of Robert I. Hunt (d. 1/9/1937). He came to Decatur in 1892, and married Ann Packard, daughter of Silas Packard. He was prominent in state and city politics. He helped organize and build the Suffern-Hunt Mill and the Polar Ice and…

Dr. William M. Catto

BIO79-CATTO_DR_WILLIAM M, C 1895067.jpg
Photograph of Dr. William M. Catto. He was a physician and surgeon with an office in rooms 3-4-5 Fenton Block. He had a residence at 364 W. William St. The photo was taken by Abrams, and used in the Decatur Daily Review in 1895.

D.H. Conklin

BIO88-CONKLIN_D_H, C 1895076.jpg
Photograph of D.H. Conklin (b. 10/31/1831, d. 3/10/1905), one of the first telegraph operators in the world. He introduced telegraphy as a means of handling trains. Conklin worked as a receiver for the Illinois Midland line (later the Pennsylvania…

Judge William L. Hammer

Photograph of Judge William L. Hammer (d. 5/20/1903). Hammer held the following offices: Christian Co. constable (1843-1846), Christian Co. sheriff (1846-1854), Decatur Justice of the Peace (1857-1860), Macon Co. Circuit Clerk (1860-1868), President…

C.J. Hartley

BIO169-HARTLEY_C_J, 12-7-1913.jpg
Photograph of C.J. Hartley, the founder of the C.J. Hartley Co. He founded the company in 1897 wth his son, Arthur J. Hartley. He came to Decatu in 1882, and first worked with W.L. Oakes at Decatur Novelty Works. In 1884, he became the…

Photograph of Fire Truck Designed by Fire Chief

Photograph of a fire truck designed by Fire Chief Will Platt of Decatur. Costing nearly $17,000 and weighing almost 8 tons, the truck embodied a radical change in cab style and equipment. Seven men, including the driver, rode in the cab; none on the…

Ad Hoc Committee - Relations with RPLS - February 1983

These are the minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee meeting in February 1983 dealing with relations with Rolling Prairie Library System. Items discussed were termination of permanent loan book allotment, per capita grant, reciprocal borrowing, history of…

Ad Hoc Committee on Relations with Rolling Prairie Library System - March 1983 - minutes

These are the minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee meeting in March 1983. Item discussed concerning the relationship with Rolling Prairie Library system and the reciprocal borrowing were finance data of RPLS, State Library, Research and Reference centers,…

Ad Hoc Committee Meeting - Relations with Rolling Prairie Library System - March 1983 - meeting

These are the minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee meeting in March 1983 dealing with relationships with Rolling Prairie Library System. Item discussed were revised rules of the state library, library system act, conversion to multi type libraries, inter…