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Benjamin Z. Taylor

BIO409-TAYLOR_BENJAMIN_Z, 11-11-1903.jpg
Photograph of Benjamin Z. Taylor; (born 1849; died April 1904; married Mrs. Elizabeth May, 2/27/1901). Mr. Taylor was in the grain commission business and mayor of Decatur for one term; member of the Elks' and Masons. Photo ran 11/11/1903; photo by…

O. W. Lewis

BIO371-SMITH_O_W-1, 11-10-1934.jpg
Photograph of O. W. Smith; Mayor of the City of Decatur, IL.

Elmer R. Elder and His Family

BIO132-ELDER_ELMER_R & FAMILY, 4-22-1923.jpg
Photograph of Elmer R. Elder (b. 1/13/1878, d. 2/4/1928) and his family. Elder was elected mayor of Decatur in 1923 over Dan Dinneen. He entered politics in 1920, and was elected to the board of supervisors as the Assistant Supervisor of Decatur…

D.H. Conklin

BIO88-CONKLIN_D_H, C 1895076.jpg
Photograph of D.H. Conklin (b. 10/31/1831, d. 3/10/1905), one of the first telegraph operators in the world. He introduced telegraphy as a means of handling trains. Conklin worked as a receiver for the Illinois Midland line (later the Pennsylvania…