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Dr. Arthur F. Wilhelmy

Photograph of Dr. Arthur F. Wilhelmy; (died 4/16/1920). He started his practice of medicine in Decatur about 1897 after graduating from the Cincinnati College of Medicine. He was elected county physician soon after taking up his practice here. He was…

Dr. Arthur Charles Simon

Photograph of Dr. Arthur Charles Simon, prominent Decatur doctor, a specialist on Urology; associated with Dr. I. H. Neece in 1929. Photo by VanDeventer, ran in the Herald and Review, 9/29/1929.

Dr. M. P. Parrish

BIO303-PARRISH_DR_M_P, C1922.jpg
Photograph of Dr. M. P. Parrish (born 8/4/1868; died 5/27/1925) married Francis Emma Barkley. Chief surgeon of the Wabash Hospital since 1913; member Stephen Decatur Lodge No. 979, Macon Co. Chapter No. 21, R.A.M., Beaumanoir Commandery No. 9,…