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Photograph of Fire Truck Designed by Fire Chief

Photograph of a fire truck designed by Fire Chief Will Platt of Decatur. Costing nearly $17,000 and weighing almost 8 tons, the truck embodied a radical change in cab style and equipment. Seven men, including the driver, rode in the cab; none on the…

Photograph of Max Sadowski

FD98-SADOWSKI, MAX, 7-22-1917.jpg
Photograph of Max Sadowski; died January 18, 1924. Member of the Decatur Fire Department at Station No. 2 when he was drafted in 1917 for World War I.

Photograph of James Doolen, Omar Harris, and Samuel Morthland

Photograph of James Doolen, Omar Harris and Samuel Morthland taken in 1917. Doolen was a former captain of the Fire Department. He served over 31 years on the force. He took up farming after retiring from the Fire Department. Harris was formerly with…

Photographs of Old Volunteer Firefighters Reunion

FD105-VARIOUS, OLD VOLUNTEERS, 7-29-1928.jpg
Various photographs from the Old Volunteer Firefighters Reunions, from 1928, 1931, and 1932. These firemen were of the hose cart and ladder wagon days before modern firefighting equipment was available.

Photographs of John D. "Jack" Duffey

FD87-DUFFEY, JOHN D-1, (JACK), 10-13-1912.jpg
Photographs of John D. "Jack" Duffey; died March 23, 1937. Veteran Decatur Fireman. He served nearly 35 years on the Fire Department. He left the Fire Department about 1912 and for about 12 years was head of Mueller's Fire Department. Later he served…

Photograph of Will. F. Ferris

FD89-FERRIS, WILL F, 1904.jpg
Photograph of Will F. Ferris; died November 28, 1915. A member of the Decatur Fire Department. He was engineer for Engine Co. No. 2 in 1904.

Photograph of Firehouse #1

FD53-FIREHOUSE #1, FORMER SITE, 156 W MAIN(1996).jpg
Photograph of the former site of firehouse #1 on 156 W Main St. in Decatur taken in 1996.

Photographs of Firehouse #2

A photograph of Firehouse #2 while in use and a photograph of the firehouse taken in 1994 after use. The firehouse sits at 550 N Morgan St. in Decatur.

Photograph of Firehouse #3

FD52-FIRE HOUSE #3, 1261 N MAIN.jpg
Photograph of Firehouse #3 at 1261 N. Main St. in Decatur. Date unknown.

Photograph of the Fire Department in 1912

Photograph taken of the Fire Department in 1912 at the Northwest corner of Lincoln Square.