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1916 Decatur High School Decanois

This is the 1916 Decatur High School Decanois yearbook.

4th of July 1916

Photograph of Mabel Grubbs with unknown friends on the 4th of July in 1916.

Bert J. Hardy

BIO167-HARDY_BERT_J, 11-3-1916.jpg
Photograph of Bert J. Hardy (d. 11/2/1916). He was a shoe salesman in Decatur for 35 years. He was a member of the Folrath & Hardy store, which became Folrath & Folrath. In 1899, he formed a partnership with Walter Hutchin at 139 N. Water St.…

Decatur Fishing Club

Negative of the lake at the Fishing Club in 1916 with people canoeing on it. The Fishing Club became the South Side Country Club in 1924.

Detroit 1916

Photograph of the shoreline of Detroit in 1916

Edward Danner

Photograph of Edward Danner (b. 6/21/1869, d. 6/1932). He came to Decatur in 1900, resided there until 1928 when he moved to Columbus, OH. He was the state manager for Aultman and Taylor Threshing Machine Co. He became the director of the…

Fourth of July at Faries Park

Photograph of girls at Faries Park on the Fourth of July 1916.

J. Bering Burrows

BIO71-BURROWS_J_BERING, C 1916058.jpg
Photograph of J. Bering Burrows (d. 4/14/1937). He was the Director of the National Bank of Decatur, and had gone into business with his father, Lowber Burrows, as a banker in 1905. He lived at 271 W. North St, the 1956 site of the Masonic Temple…

Mrs. William F. Calhoun

Photograph of Mrs. William F. Calhoun (b. 2/16/1852, d. 7/28/1918), the wife of Dr. William F. Calhoun, a former Herald editor. Mrs. Calhoun was a prominent member of the Women's Relief Corps. and a delegate to the national convention for that…

Nathan L. Krone

BIO216-KRONE_NATHAN_L, C1900.jpg
Photo of Nathan L. Krone (d. 3/31/1916). Decatur druggist for over 60 years. He came to Decatur in 1839 and began clerking in the Stamper & Condell store and then in 1852 he went to the King and Reed drug store and was there until 1855. He later…