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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Photographs of 271 W. North St.

HO137-271_W_NORTH_ST, LOWBER_BURROWS_HSE, 10-17-1910.jpg
Photographs of 271 W. North St. This was the residence of Lowber L. Burrows and was torn down and became the site of the Masonic Temple parking lot.

Photo of House on 226 N. Franklin Street.

Photograph of House on 226 N. Franklin Street. "Though this picture was made after the Jasper J. Peddecord house at 226 N. Franklin street had deteriorated, it was at one time one of the handsomest in the city. It had 14 rooms and was long a center…

J. Bering Burrows

BIO71-BURROWS_J_BERING, C 1916058.jpg
Photograph of J. Bering Burrows (d. 4/14/1937). He was the Director of the National Bank of Decatur, and had gone into business with his father, Lowber Burrows, as a banker in 1905. He lived at 271 W. North St, the 1956 site of the Masonic Temple…