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Photo of the Illinois Hotel Auction Sale.

Photograph of the Illinois Hotel Auction of Furniture, on 3/25/1936. Hotel was located at 118-120 E. North Street, Decatur, IL.

Photo of Henry Stone Furniture Store.

Photograph of the Henry Stone Furniture Store located at 1275 S. Jasper St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of a Bureau made for E. R. Culver by a friend of his father Watt Culver.

Photograph of a bureau, "made about 1839, was owned by E. R. Culver of Decatur. It was probably the first piece of furniture ever made by a white man on the site of Decatur. It was made by a friend of Culver's father, Watt Culver. Photo ran Review…

Photos of Wm. Gushard Dry Goods Co.
Photographs of Wm. Gushard Dry Goods Co. Building, and Interior. They were located in the 300 Block of N. Water St.

Photo of Lewis W. Stuckey
Photograph of Lewis W. Stuckey, retired furniture dealer. He retired from the furniture business in 1946. He had been in the furniture business in Decatur for 41 years. He was a partner of the Weilepp & Stuckey furniture firm which opened a store in…

Photo of the J. D. Barnhart Store
Photograph of the J. D. Barnhart Store located on the corner of Marietta and Water Streets, Decatur, IL.

Photo of Sugar Soap Factory Leafland and Railroad Ave.
Photograph of the Sugar Soap Factory, Leafland and Railroad Ave., Decatur, IL. Sign on side of building: Scovill Co. Furniture, Carpet & Stoves.

Photo of Old Iron Ware Furniture
Photograph of old furniture. Photo ran in the Review March 5, 1911. This old ironware was owned by E. R. Culver of Decatur.