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Photographs of the Racetrack

RC102-Race Track_G Keller_1898_N of Garfield__150.jpg
The first photo was taken August 23rd, 1898 at the George A. Keller racetrack located just north of Garfield Ave. and between the I.T.S. tracks and the Illinois Central R.R. tracks. The track was closed in 1908 when local option hit Decatur and…

Photographs of 348 W. Prairie Ave.

Photographs of 348 W. Prairie Ave. It was the home of F. M. Young. He sold it to George A. Keller in 1903. In 1954 it was owned by Mollie M. Drobisch and it was an apartment house. It is not the Webster Cantrell Hall Annex.

Photograph of 1060 W. Marietta

Photograph of 1060 W. Marietta. The city directories first list this address in 1901 and it was owned by John D. Evans. It has had numerous owners since and the 1954 city directory lists Vernon Keller as its owner.