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Charles and Ed

Photograph of Charles Cooper and Ed McClure in front of the stairs of an unknown building.

New Hallway at the YMCA

Negative of the new hallway at the YMCA on January 10, 1952.

People by a Club Building

Negative of unknown people standing outside one of the club's buidings. Unknown if this was the Fishing Club or the South Side Country Club. The Fishing Club became the South Side Country Club in 1924.

Photo of Central Malleable Iron Co. 765 N. Lowber, Decatur, IL.

Photograph of the Central Malleable Iron Co. 765 N. Lowber, building with railroad cars filled with material to process.

Photo of Frenchie & Doris Club

Photograph of the front to Frenchie and Don's Club, photo taken 7/30/1950.

Photograph of 358 N. Main St.

HO56-358_N_MAIN_ST, HOTEL_MAIN, GEO_W_MUELLER_HSE, 12-24-1935.jpg
Photograph of 358 N. Main St. This house was one of the last downtown Decatur residences to go in making room for business houses. The house was torn down in 1921. George W. Moeller had bought the house from the Isabelle Stafford estate and on the…

Photograph of 418 N. Water St.

HO70-418_N_WATER_ST, J_R_RACE_HS, 9-11-1935.jpg
Photograph of 418 N. Water St. For 45 years this handsome residence stood on the northeast corner of North and Water streets. In 1916 it was demolished to make way for the business buildings. J.R. Race erected the home in 1870-1871 and it was at the…

Photograph of 427 E. William St.

Photograph of 427 E. William St. In 1910 this house was built by Charles Pettyjohn. The small building in the center was a lunch stand and the house at the right with the hotel sign was a boarding house operated by Mrs. Nellie Gullett. The 1955…