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Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wells' Oral History

This is the oral history of Mr. and Mrs. John K. Wells. They were interviewed by Betty Turnell on June 22, 1986. The interview includes their childhoods, and John's career in life insurance.

Personnel Policy and Public Relations Committee Meeting October 1995

These are the minutes of the Personnel Policy and Public Relations committee meeting in October 1995. At this meeting the members discussed vacation periods, anniversary date, payroll database, grievance policy, table of library organization, tax…

Board of Directors Meeting - July 12, 1974

This is the minutes and agenda from the meeting of the Board of Directors on July 12, 1974. At the meeting, the Board discussed the attendance of the film program, a meeting with the City Council for money next year, the change in life insurance,…

Board of Directors Combined Annual Meeting for 1969/1970 and Monthly Meeting for May 1970 - May 15, 1970

This is the agenda and minutes from the Board of Directors meeting on May 15, 1970. This was a combined annual and monthly meeting. At this meeting, the board discussed pay grades, service recognition pay, and life insurance for staff.