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Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wells' Oral History

This is the oral history of Mr. and Mrs. John K. Wells. They were interviewed by Betty Turnell on June 22, 1986. The interview includes their childhoods, and John's career in life insurance.

Photograph of Christian Adolph Klein
Photograph of Christian Adolph Klein. Originally from Germany, he came to Millikin University to finish his education and had charge of extension courses in Commercial German and German business forms.

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Schuerman, Sr.
Photography of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schuerman, Sr., observed their 55th wedding anniversary recently at a family dinner. They were married June 17, 1880, in Germany and came to America in 1883 and settled in Decatur. Mr. Schuerman is 80 and Mrs.…

Peter Halmbacher
Photograph of Peter Halmbacher (d. 2/1/1910). He was born in Germany, a veteran of the Prussian-Bavarian War in 1866, and came to Decatur in 1869. He was a pattern maker by trade. Halmbacher worked as a cabinet maker for Decatur Furniture Co., as…

Photo of Lt. John Stoutenborough receiving the Bronze Star from Lt. Col. John F. Bonner
Herald and Review Library: Stoutenborough, Lt. John, Written on the back of the photo; "Lt. Col. John F. Bonner commanding the 461 AAA in Bohkenditz, Germany awards the Bronze Star to Lt. John C. Stoutenborough, 155 N. Taylor avenue, Decatur, IL."

Photo of Charles C. Heckel in uniform
Herald and Review Library: Heckel, Charles, Lt. Article on back of photo; "Charles C. Heckel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Heckel, 953 East Prairie avenue is commissioned in Victoria, Texas."

Photo of Lieut Orville Harlan in uniform
Herald and Review Library: Harlan, Lieut. Orville; Article on back of photo; "Officer Is Home, Lieut Harlan Has Praise for Medics. Lieut Orville Harlan, who came home this month in a litter aboard a C-57 from the First Army spearhead, say the…

Photo of Staff Sgt. Billy Gene DeLaughter lounging in arm chair in uniform
WWII - Herald and Review Library; DeLaughter, Sgt. Billy Gene 3/11/1945. Article on back of photo: "The present given to Staff Sgt. Billy Gene DeLaughter on his twenty-first birthday, Jan 3, 1945 - was the most welcome ever received. On Jan. 3, the…