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Caroline's Country Club in Forsyth, IL
Photo of Caroline Knudsen standing at the bar on opening night in the new location in the remodeled Pythian Home in Forsyth, IL on June 10, 1939.

Photos of the Pythian Homes of Decatur and Forsyth
Photo of teacher in St. Joseph's Hall (2/20/1953).Photo of dining hall (11/5/1947). Photo of exterior of the Pythian Home, (11/1947). Aerial photo of Pythian Home, later St. Joseph's Hall, (9/5/1945). Interior photo of hall and stairs, Pythian Home…

Joseph B. Dinges
Photograph of Joseph B. Dinges (d. 11/6/1916). He was the nephew of W.H. Linn, the founder of Linn & Scruggs, and worked for him in his store for many years. He later had a grocery business with James Coop that was sold to Bradley Bros. Later in…