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Rev. Mathias S. "Ticey" Kaufman

Photograph of Rev. Mathias S. "Ticey" Kaufman. He was originally from Decatur, and worked as a clerk at W.E. Crissey's bookstore in 1865. He was known in Decatur for his running and jumping ability, and was a veteran of the Civil War. He was also…

Rev. E. H. Shuey and family

BIO361-SHUEY_REV_E_H _&_FAMILY, C1900.jpg
Photograph of Rev. E. H. Shuey; (died 1/15/1944). He was a former pastor of the First United Brethren church in Decatur when the present church building at Union and Eldorado street was built. He was also pastor of the Third United Brethren church…

Photo of Rev. Henry W. Trueblood, pastor Second United Brethren Church.

Photograph of Rev. Henry w. Trueblood; died 3/5/1924. Pastor Second United Brethren Church 1920 until time of his death. Had served as pastor of First U. B. church in Decatur two times previous to 1920. Ordained in 1877. First came to Decatur in…

Photo of Rev. Jerome H. Smart

Photograph of Rev. Jerome H. Smart, former Christian Church minister in Decatur, (died 11/6/1913). Veteran of the civil War and entered ministry about 1870. For several years associated with "The Christian," a paper published in St. Louis, later…

Photos First Methodist Episcopal Church, 201 W. North Street, Decatur, IL.

Photograph postcard of First Methodist Episcopal Church, Decatur, IL. written 6/2/1909. (It is now the First United Methodist Church, still located at 201 W. North Street.)Photograph of Rev. John C. Willits, former pastor of the First Methodist…

Photos of Rev. William J. Davidson

Photograph of Dr. William J. Davidson, retired Methodist minister. Was minister at the Decatur First Methodist Church from 1902-1907 during which time the church at the corner of Church and North streets was built. He was also president of Nebraska…

Photo of Rev. H. C. Gibbs

Photograph of Rev. H. C. Gibbs, member of the Preacher's Aid Society for 42 years. He was at one time pastor of the First Methodist Church in Decatur, coming in here in 1901. He was connected with the society in various relationships, as, pastor,…

Photo of Dr. Clarence True Wilson

Photograph of Dr. Clarence True Wilson (died 2/16/1939). Internationally known prohibitionist and Methodist church temperance board founder. He was the founder and for 25 years head of the Methodist church board of Temperance, prohibition and public…

Photo of Rev. John C. Willits

Photograph of Rev. John c. Willits, former pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal church in Decatur. (Now First United Methodist church). He was pastor of that church from 1908-1912. After leaving Decatur he became pastor at Grand Rapids, Mich. and…

Photograph of William Hitt Penhallegon

Photograph of Rev. William Hitt Penhallegon, (born in Wales, came to America in 1870, died 10/22/1926). Pastor of First Presbyterian Church from 1890's to 1915. For more information see the Decatur Daily Review; 10/23/1926.