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A.T. Davis Family Reunion

BIO99-DAVIS_A_T_FAMILY, 3-14-1910088.jpg
Photograph of the Davis family reunion in 1910. Top Row (L-R): Miss Lulu Davis, Archer Davis, Mrs. Archer Davis. 2nd Row (L-R): Harry Davis, Mrs. A.T. Davis, Mr. A.T. Davis, Mrs. Frank McBride. Third Row (L-R): Mrs. Harry Davis, Herbert Davis,…

Alonzo Gray

BIO154-GRAY_ALONZO, 2-13-1910.jpg
Photograph of Alonzo Gray. He came to Decatur in 1878 from New York, and was employed by Wabash Railroad until 1910. At that time, he went to work for the Illinois Traction System. He was an expert on interior car-work, and a cabinet maker by…

Bear Family

BIO48-BEAR_FAMILY, 4-11-1910045.jpg
Photograph of the Bear family sitting on porch of a house on April 11, 1910.

Brennamen Fire 1910

MC3-Brennaman_fire_1909 (2).jpg
Photograph of the Brennamen Fire in 1910

Brennamen Fire 1910

Photograph of the Brennamen fire in 1910

Dr. Silas E. McClelland

Photograph of Dr. Silas E. McClelland; b. 1/13/1860; d. 3/7/1953. Decatur eye, ear, nose and throat specialist for more than 50 years, retiring 1938. Trustee of Millikin estate; member board of directors Millikin National Bank; member board of…

Frank P. Smallwood

BIO367-SMALLWOOD_FRANK_P, 6-9-1910.jpg
Photograph of Frank P. Smallwood; (died 12/26/1932). He was a native of Decatur and a charter member and one of the organizers of En Ami Lodge, Knights of Pythias. His home was at 159 W. North St. Photo by VanDeventer of Decatur. Ran in the Decatur…

Gastman School Building

Photograph of the Gastman Elementary School building, ran in the Decatur Review 11/27/1910. Photo of postcard of E. A. Gastman School with children standing in front.

John P. Faris

BIO139-FARIS_JOHN_P, 7-27-1910.jpg
Photograph of John P. Faris (d. 7/27/1910), the most prominent citizen and businessman in Niantic, IL. He started his grain business in 1861 called Faris & Cannon, and operated for 50 years. His offices were at 210 Review building in Decatur, IL. …

Joseph B. Dinges

BIO119-DINGES_JOSEPH_B, 6-9-1910106.jpg
Photograph of Joseph B. Dinges (d. 11/6/1916). He was the nephew of W.H. Linn, the founder of Linn & Scruggs, and worked for him in his store for many years. He later had a grocery business with James Coop that was sold to Bradley Bros. Later in…