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Giant Plant in Gulfport, MS 1912

Photograph of a lady standing behind a giant plant in Gulfport, MS in 1912.

Decatur After a Sleet Storm in 1912

Photograph of a street in Decatur after a sleet storm on March 20, 1912. There is an automobile on the right of the photo.

Henry B. Barnhart

BIO47-BARNHART_HENRY_B, 1-7-1912426.jpg
Photograph of Henry B. Barnhart (d. 7/28/1924), a Civil War veteran and active member of the GAR. He was a carpenter and farmer, and retired in 1905. After retirement, he started investing in real estate and owned several valuable city properties. …

Buel T. Davis

BIO101-DAVIS_BUEL_T, 2-12-1912089.jpg
Photograph of Buel T. Davis. He was a resident of Decatur from 1909 to 1916, when he left for Champaign to represent the Waterbury interest in community development work in Florida. Davis started the Better Life Movement here in 1910. When he…

Dr. Harry C. Kepler

Photograph of Dr. Harry C. Kepler (d. 3/16/1949). He was a Decatur dentist for 50 years. His offices were in the Citizens Building. He was a member of the Decatur District Dental Society, the Illinois Dental Society, the American Dental…

Charles M. Lytle

Photograph of Charles M. Lytle. The body of Decatur man recovered in Chicago River. Member of the I.O.O.F. in Decatur, IL. Mr. Lytle was born in Waterford, PA. in 1850. Charles was engaged in a clothing business in Waterford with his brother. He…

Mrs. David S. (Anna) Shellabarger

Photograph of Mrs. David S. (Anna) Shellabarger; (died 6/28/1928). She was the daughter of David Krone, pioneer Drug Store in Decatur. She was a charter member of Stapp's Chapel, which later became the Grace Methodist Church. She traveled extensively…

George S. Simpson

Photograph of George S. Simpson; (died 4/14/1923). Pioneer of Decatur and Macon County. He helped to build the political wigwam in in State Street in which Abraham Lincoln spoke during his presidential campaign. He served as alderman from the Third…

Charles F. Thomas

Photograph of Charles F. Thomas; (died 1/2/1953). Retired railroad union official, formerly of Decatur. He was general chairman of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engine men on the Wabash R.R. system. He retired in 1937 to take up his new…

Hartley Machine Co.

Photograph of the Hartley Machine Co. located on S. Franklin and Decatur Streets, Decatur, IL. Photo ran Review Dec 1, 1912.