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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Graduation Photograph of an Unknown Woman

Graduation photograph of an unknown woman taken by Van Deventer Studios in Decatur, IL

Unknown Family Portrait

Photograph of an unknown family taken by Hubbard Studio in Decatur, IL

A Deer, Lucille, and an Unknown Woman

Photograph of Lucille Besalke and an unknown woman with a deer at a petting zoo.

Carl Besalke's Family

Postcard of Carl Besalke and his family standing in front of a house.

Mina, Grandma, Aunt Minnie, Mother, Myself, Ruth, Elsie-Ruth, Edna, and Nobbe

Photograph of Mina, Grandma Bomball, Minnie Krause, Augusta Besalke, an unknown woman who wrote all the names on the back of the photo, Ruth Molin, Elise Ruth, Edna, and Nobbe in the front yard of a house.

Bomball Woman

Photograph of an unknown female member of the Bomball family.

Besalke Family at Lake Decatur

Photograph of William and Augusta Besalke with an unknown woman and two unknown boys at Lake Decatur.