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Photographs from the Lincoln Courthouse

Photographs from the Lincoln Courthouse, the first log cabin in Decatur, in Fairview Park.

Photos of the Decatur Art Institute - Millikin Homestead

Photographs of the Millikin Homestead/Art Institute, taken 11/1/1951. Photograph of tree being tagged while group of people look on.

Photos of Millikin Homestead Exterior

Photograph of the Millikin Homestead during the winter. Photograph of two people on horseback riding in front of the Millikin Homestead. Photo of Carriage House on the Millikin Homestead. Photograph of the Millikin Homestead, front view. Photograph…

Photos of Millikin Homestead Interior and Art Class

Photographs of the first floor hallway at the Millikin Homestead. Photograph of Cherubs on second floor landing. Photograph of ladies attending an art class at the Millikin Homestead.

Photo of Wabash Depot in the center and Illinois Central Railroad on the right.

HL5-RR DEPOT_IL_CENTRAL, 9-13-1950.jpg
Photograph Wabash Depot in the center and Illinois Central Railroad Depot on the right. Photograph of the Illinois Central Railroad Depot.

Photographs of Lincoln Square and Transfer House in 1996

HL22-TRANSFER_HOUSE-1, C8-1996021.jpg
Photographs of Lincoln Square, the Transfer House's former location and a photograph of the Transfer House as it sits now in Central Park taken in 1996.

Photographs from the Transfer House Centennial Celebration

HL32-TRANSFER_HOUSE-12, CENTENNIAL, 6-22-1996032.jpg
Photographs taken from the June 22, 1996 Transfer House Centennial Celebration in Central Park. Steve Craven directs a special section of the Decatur Municipal Band.