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"Immortal J.N." Free

Photograph of "Immortal J.N." (Jacob Newman) Free (d. 6/27/1906). Free was a wanderer who traveled throughout the United States for 50 years by riding for free on every railroad, and staying in hotels at their expense. He was considered harmlessly…

"Off For The Hunt" by Charles L. Wasson

Photograph of man holding gun with three dogs; titled "Off For The Hunt" by Charles L. Wasson, International Stereograph Co.

"The Good Old Times on the Farm"

Photograph of the Adkins-Stevenson farmstead in Bement, IL. This was the home of Charles Adkins, former Speaker of the House of Illlinois. He was a farmer, lecturer, educator, and politician.

"Warm Meals At All Hours"

Photograph of a mother pig with her piglets on a farm. The caption on the back says: "Warm meals at all hours".

A Visit from President Taft

Photograph of President Howard Taft with Charles Adkins (4th from left) and several unknown men in front of a train car in Decatur, IL. This photo was found with the Adkins family photographs. Charles Adkins was Speaker of the House of Illinois.

A. Merle Cobb

BIO82-COBB_A_MERLE, C 1922070.jpg
Photograph of A. Merle Cobb (b. 3/24/1881, d. 12/10/1942). He was the son of Rev. A.P. Cobb (Cobb Ave. is named after him). Cobb was associated with Mueller Co. and Cobb-Creighton Insurance Co., and a member of Central Christian Church.

A. Schuerman

BIO402-SCHUERMAN_A, C1883.jpg
Photograph of A. Schuerman, taken by the Herald and Review, dated 1883.

A.M. Kenney

BIO203-KENNEY_A_M, C1917.jpg
Photograph of A.M. Kenney. He was the former presiden of the Citizens National Bank, and resigned in 1929. The photo was taken by Vandeventer around 1917, and used in the Decatur Daily Review.

A.S. Knouff

BIO215-KNOUFF_A_S, C1926.jpg
Photograph of A.S. Knouff (b. 3/17/1837, d. 3/26/1926). He was the secretary of Decatur Lumber & Manufacturing Co. He worked there for 35 years, and retired in January 1926. Knouff was a member of the First Methodist Church. The photo was taken…

A.T. Davis Family Reunion

BIO99-DAVIS_A_T_FAMILY, 3-14-1910088.jpg
Photograph of the Davis family reunion in 1910. Top Row (L-R): Miss Lulu Davis, Archer Davis, Mrs. Archer Davis. 2nd Row (L-R): Harry Davis, Mrs. A.T. Davis, Mr. A.T. Davis, Mrs. Frank McBride. Third Row (L-R): Mrs. Harry Davis, Herbert Davis,…