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Henry B. Barnhart
Photograph of Henry B. Barnhart (d. 7/28/1924), a Civil War veteran and active member of the GAR. He was a carpenter and farmer, and retired in 1905. After retirement, he started investing in real estate and owned several valuable city properties. …

James H. Johnson
Photograph of James H. Johnson (d. 11/22/1868, d. 10/20/1952). Johnson was a member of the Decatur Police Department as an officer. He joined in January 1914, and was fired in July of 1914. Afterwards, he worked as a carpenter until his retirement…

Joseph Mills
Photograph of Joseph Mills (died July 6, 1913). Veteran Decatur lumberman. He bought land at the corner of N. Main and William Streets in 1853 and started a carpenter shop. He was a contractor and building until 1878. During this time he erected,…

Newspaper announcement, J. B. Linthicum struck by train - Decatur Herald - August 30, 1915

This is the newspaper announcement and article for Mr. J. b. Linthicum who was struck by a train in Decatur IL on August 30, 1915 and later died of his injuries in St. Mary's Hospital. It list details of the accident, his background, and his family.