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Photograph of a Fire Truck on Franklin St.

FD3-Ladder Truck-Safety_Lane_Fire_Run-Franklin ST_1936.jpg
Photograph of a fire truck on Franklin St in Decatur during a safety lane fire run on September 11 of 1936.

Photograph of Dance Team 1936

Photograph of a dance team from the recreation dept. taken in 1936.

Circus-Putting Up Tent

Photograph of a circus tent being put up on June 11, 1936 in Decatur.

Photograph of Gambling Probe Grand Jury

Photograph of the grand jury for a gambling raid in 1936.

Photograph of Gambling Raid

Photograph of a gambling raid in 1936.

Photos of Coal Companies.

BS78-Macon County Coal Mine.jpg
Photo: BS78 of Macon County Coal Mine. Photo BS80, mines' homes were bombed during the violence of November 1932. (Decatur Business pg 59). Photo: BS81 miners meet at Nelson Park in September 1932 (Decatur Business pg 59). Photo BS82 gathering coal…

Harry Clay Wire and Matilda E. Wire

BIO473-WIRE_HARRY_CLAY_&_MATILDA_E, 9-1-1934.jpg
Photograph of Harry Clay and Matilda E. Wire. Harry died 10/14/1938, Decatur Contractor for many years. He retired about 1918. At one time he was city building inspector and later served on the zoning board. He was a member of the Masonic lodge. He…

Charles E. Lee

Photograph of Charles E. Lee seated in front of bookcase.

Arthur W. Kinkade

BIO207-KINKADE_ARTHUR_W-1, 1-18-1936.jpg
Photograph of Arthur W. Kinkade. He was the business manager for the Decatur school district from 1915 to 1922, and the manual training instructor in the Decatur public schools from 1910 to 1915. From 1923 to 1927, he was living in Seattle, WA and…

Horace Warner Cadwallader

Photograph of Horace Warner Cadwallader (d. 9/22/1936) in front of an ammo stand with an unknown man in the background. Cadwallader is holding a gun. Cadwallader was a national prominent marksman, and won records and prominence as a trapshooter,…