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Rev, John A. Schmink
Photograph of Rev. John A. Schmink; (died 6/11/1941). Congregational church minister formerly of Decatur, IL. When he was young he became a printer in the Review office then decided to be a minister. He was ordained in Decatur in 1902. Besides five…

Henry Hollmann
Photograph of Henry Hollmann, former vice-president and factory superintendent of the Muhlenbruch Glove Co. in Decatur. Hollmann was the brother-in-law of Otto Muhlenbruch. He came to Decatur from Ohio with the company in February 1907. The…

Maumee and Erie Canal in Ohio (1931) - Between Napoleon and Toledo
Photograph of the Maumee River and Erie Canal between Napoleon and Toledo, OH in 1931.

Maumee River and the Erie Canal
Photograph of the Maumee River and Erie Canal in Ohio, May 1929.

Gene and Mabel
Photograph of Gene and Mabel standing by a shed in Ohio in 1932.