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Postcard to William Hibbs - November 8, 1918 - English Port - from Henry and Johnny

HH88-Postcard to William Hibbs - Nov 8, 1918 - English Port -from Henry and Johnny_0001.jpg
This is a postcard to William Hibbs from Henry and Johnny Hibbs letting William know that they have arrived in England. The postcard is from the American Red Cross. It is dated November 8, 1918

Photographs of 401 N. College Rd.

HO21-401 N COLLEGE, ENGLAND MANSION, 12-9-1933.jpg
Photograph of 401 N. College Rd. This house was built by William B. Chambers in the late 1880's. Around 1888 it was sold to Silas Packard. In 1915 it was sold to Attorney James T. Whitley who resold it the same year to C.E. England. England…

Photo of S/Sgt. John G. Wayne, (left) and Cpl. Ralph M. Hockley in uniform at Army University Center, England.

AF760-WWII_WAYNE, JOHN G, (LEFT), 9-22-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Wayne, S/Sgt. John G., and Hockley, Cpl. Ralph M.,; Written on back of photo; "Army University Center, Shrivenham, England - S/Sgt. John G. Wayne, 225 Nelson Blvd., Decatur, IL. (L), and Cpl. Ralph M. Hockley, 8911 34th…

Photo of Raymond H. Veech in uniform standing in front of a building

AF741-WWII_VEECH, RAYMOND H, 11-4-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Veech, Raymond L.; Article on back of photo; "Veech in England; Mrs. May Veech, 650 East Lawrence street, has received word that her son, Pfc. Raymond H. Veech, has arrived in England. Before entering the army he was supply…

Photo of David Thatcher in uniform holding number 209

AF709-WWII_THATCHER, DAVID, 8-4-1942.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Thatcher, David R., Article on back of photo; "David R. Thatcher, son of Chester Thatcher, 234 East Division street, who has been with the United States army air corps in England for nearly six weeks, has been promoted to…

Photo of Pvt. Charles Parker in uniform

Herald and Review Library: Parker, Pvt. Charles; Article on back of photo; "Pvt. Charles Parker, of the U.S. army infantry, is home on convalescent furlough after two years in Iceland and four months service in England. He carries a small piece of…