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Books for Grandparents

This is a bibliography of books for Grandparents. 26 titles. Title, author, and summary for each books. Compiled by Tonya Donnelly, SPARK, Mary Lou Dwyer, and the Decatur Public Library.

John W. Smith

BIO369-SMITH, JOHN W, 12-6-1903.jpg
Photography of John W. Smith. He was an attorney of Chicago and formerly of Decatur. He left Decatur in 1877 and went to Chicago where he became a member of the law firm of Byum & Smith. While in Decatur he was a partner with Gallagher & Emerson. He…

Bessie Lindsey, Mrs. Lucien Nelson Lindsey

Photograph of Mrs. Lucien Nelson Lindsey, (Bessie) wife of Dr. Lucien Nelson Lindsey of Forsyth. One of the foremost collectors of old glass in the country. Elected Regent of the Stephen Decatur Chapter, D.A.R. in 1933. She was formerly vice regent.…

Mrs. A.P. Cobb (Marilla M.)

BIO83-COBB_MARILLA_M, (MRS A P),(DENNIS), 5-12-1940071.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. A.P. Cobb (Marilla M.) (b. 1855, d. 12/18/1944), wife of Rev. A.P. Cobb (Cobb Ave. was named after). She was a school teacher in Decatur for many years, and wrote many papers on the early life in Macon County. Mrs. Cobb was also…