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People by a Club Building

Negative of unknown people standing outside one of the club's buidings. Unknown if this was the Fishing Club or the South Side Country Club. The Fishing Club became the South Side Country Club in 1924.

New Hallway at the YMCA

Negative of the new hallway at the YMCA on January 10, 1952.

Photographs of Sears before it became the New Decatur Public Library Building

LB116-Buildings & Grounds007.jpg
Photographs of the exterior of the Sears building located at 130 N. Franklin St. before it became the new Decatur Public Library Building taken in 1998.

Photograph of the Old Presbyterian Church Public Library

Photograph of the interior of the Old Presbyterian Church where the library was for several months after a fire in the Roberts & Greene building, taken October 6th, 1892.

Photographs from the Purchase of the Franklin St. Building for the Decatur Public Library

LB476-Purchase Franklin St Library001.jpg
Photographs from the purchase of the Franklin St. Sears building for the new location of the Decatur Public Library, including a ribbon cutting and interior shots of the new library space.

Photographs of the Exterior of the Decatur Public Library on North St.

Photographs of the exterior of the Decatur Public Library when it was located on North St. in the 1970's through 1990's.