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Photographs of the A. E. Staley House

HO1-361_N_COLLEGE_ST-1, A_E_STALEY-HOME, C1900.jpg
361 N. College. Built by W. J. Quinlan in the early 1880's and sold to William H. Ennis in 1891. It was bought by A. E. Staley in 1913 and extensively remodeled. The home was given to the Y.M.C.A. in September of 1952 by Mrs. Emma L. Staley. In 1952…

Photographs of the Culver House

412 W. Prairie Ave. John H. Culver home, built around 1887. It was sold to Roy Phillips in 1950 by Elizabeth C. Shellabarger, daughter of John H. Culver. Phillips remodeled it into apartments. A fire in 1979 caused extensive damage to the attic and…

Photograph of 400 Block of N. Water

HO7-Capt David Allen House-400blk n water002.jpg
400 block of N. Water. Built by Captain David L. Allen, this was the first two-story house in Decatur. It was on the 1955 site of Leath Furniture Company. It was torn down in 1904.

Photographs of Captain David L. Allen's Second Home

HO8-Capt David Allen House001.jpg
Photographs of Captain David L. Allen's home on the south bank of the Sangamon River. It was unusual in structure because of its octagonal tower and for years it was a landmark of Macon county. It was torn down about 1905 and is was the site of…

Photograph of 752 N. Broadway

Photograph of the house at 752 N. Broadway, where the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen was organized in 1880. Home of William Felton.

Photograph of 836 N Church St

HO38-836_N_CHURCH_ST,  J_W_OSGOOD_APT_HSE, 11-19-1911.jpg
Photograph of 836 N Church St. This apartment house was built by J.W. Osgood in 1911. It has changed owners several times and was bought by Ralph E. McDaniel from Rosa Bauer in 1951. It is known as the McDaniel Apartments.

Photograph of 561 N. Church St.

Photograph of 561 N. Church St. In 1874 the Enos Pratt family moved to Decatur and acquired the home on N. Church St. It was the home of Miss. Abbie Pratt until her death in 1940. She left the property to Florence Shade. The 1954 city directory lists…

Photograph of Porches along the 400 Block of N. Church St.

Photograph taken of the porches on the East side of the 400 block on N. Church St.

Photograph of the corner of N. Church St. and William St.

HO40-300_BLOCK_N_CHURCH_ST, D_C_SHOCKLEY_HSE, 7-22-1905.jpg
Photograph of the house at the 300 Block of N. Church St. and William St. corner. Built about 1880 by D.C. Shockley. It was torn down when the Masonic Temple was built on that site. The Temple was started in October 1927.