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Charles M. Lytle

Photograph of Charles M. Lytle. The body of Decatur man recovered in Chicago River. Member of the I.O.O.F. in Decatur, IL. Mr. Lytle was born in Waterford, PA. in 1850. Charles was engaged in a clothing business in Waterford with his brother. He…

Isaiah Green

BIO155-GREEN_ISAIAH, 1-14-1909.jpg
Photograph of Isaiah Green (d. 2/11/1909), a veteran Wabash Railroad employee. He started in 1881 as a wiper, then as a helper in the storeroom. He was a Civil War Veteran, serving with the 134th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. The photo ran in the…

J.A. Fisher and Family

Photograph of J.A. Fisher and family. The group is standing in front of a house in Decatur, IL

Narrows Williams Canyon, Colorado 1909

Photograph of Narrows Williams Canyon in Colorado in 1909.

Old Mine at Fall Canyon, Colorado in 1909

Photograph of two people at the old mine in Fall Canyon, CO in 1909.

Photo of C. F. Sterr Building 535 N. Morgain St.

Photograph of the C. F. Sterr Building 535 N. Morgain St., Decatur, IL. Photo ran in the Review, Dec 31, 1909.

Photo of Home Manufacturing Co.

Photograph of the Home Manufacturing Co. on 901 E. Eldorado St. and in 1955 that address was the home of Sol Tick & Co. Photo taken sometime in the spring of 1909. Photo by George Baker of Decatur.

Photo of House on 334 W. Main Street

Photograph of House on 334 W. Main Street, Decatur, IL.., residence of Lycurgus L. Bobblett, 1909, city directory.

Photo of Paving Machine on East Hickory Street.

ST10-E_HICKORY, AT_WARREN, C1909019.jpg
Photograph of Paving Equipment on East Hickory Street at Warren. "Paving work halted in late December, 1909 when snow blanketed East Hickory Street at Warren Street. Travel on the frozen ground in winter in those days was much better than the…

Photo of Seip Building, 439 E. North St., Decatur, IL.

Photograph of the Seip Building, 439 E. North Street, Decatur, IL. Photo by Geo Baker, taken Spring of 1909.