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Photo of Rev. W. H. Prestley
Photograph of Rev. W. H. Prestley; (died 5/7/1914). Pastor of the Presbyterian church in Decatur for 13 years. He came to the church in Decatur in 1876. After leaving Decatur in 1890 he went to Kankakee and remained there until 1897, when he went to…

Thomas T. Roberts
Photograph of Thomas T. Roberts; born 3/1/1839; died 11/24/1919. Decatur Industrialist and philanthropist. Founder of the Decatur Coffin Co. Served in the Civil War. Member of First Presbyterian Church. Photo used 3/2/1919.

Lucien Carpenter Shellabarger
Photograph of Lucien Carpenter Shellabarger; born 1/31/1868; died 6/12/1943; married Mable Lord; then married Mrs Iva Faith Camerer; 10/9/1917. Lucien was the son of David Shellabarger, owner and operator of the old Shellabarger Milling Co.;…

William H. Suffern
Photograph of William H. Suffern; (born 5/6/1863; died Aug. 1925); started the Suffern-Hunt Mill with his cousin Robert I. Hunt in Decatur 1892. Helped organize the Progressive Light and Power Co.; was president of the Polar Co.; member of the First…

Photograph of the 200 block of W. Prairie at Church St.
Photograph of the 200 block of W. Prairie at Church St. This was the home of I.R. Mills in 1883. It is the site of the First Presbyterian Church. This photograph was taken after the storm on February 2, 1883.

Frankye Morgan's Oral History

This is the oral history of Frankye Morgan. She was interviewed by Betty Turnell on January 10, 1986. The interview includes her career as a teacher and her talent as a gardener and singer.