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Judge William L. Hammer

Photograph of Judge William L. Hammer (d. 5/20/1903). Hammer held the following offices: Christian Co. constable (1843-1846), Christian Co. sheriff (1846-1854), Decatur Justice of the Peace (1857-1860), Macon Co. Circuit Clerk (1860-1868), President…

Reappointment Resolution - August 30, 1971

This is the resolution to reappoint Carl Dick and William Whitacre to the Library Board, Donald Graham to the Zoning Board of Appeals, and Lew Lawler to the Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refridgeration Commission.

Appointment Resolution - July 7, 1975

This is the appointment resolution for the re-appointment of Wilbur Lindsay and Roswell C. Prince to the Library Board.

Appointment Resolution - September 1976

This is the appointment resolution for Harriet Perry, Carlotta Cowan, and Norman Stewart as members of the Board, Elizabeth Redshaw as a member of the Historical and Architectural Sites Commission, and Clyde Copeland as a member of the Civil Service…

Board of Directors Financial Requirements Memo to the Mayor and City Council September 20, 1990.

This is the financial requirements memo for 1991/1992 presented to the mayor and city council in September of 1990. This memo entails declining revenue, tax levy, replacement tax, income, circulations statistics which include transactions circulation…

Annual Report June 1995

This is the annual report to the city council, mayor, and Illinois State Library June 1995. Also included is the city librarian's report. These reports highlight graphs, narrative, statistics, liabilities, information, monies required, monies…