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Henry D. and Emma Dunham
Photograph of Henry D. (d. 5/5/1934) and Emma Dunham (d. 4/28/1937). Henry D. was the oldest living Wabash veteran at the time of his death, and helped build the tracks in 1853. He was the brother of Amos Dunham, for whom Dunham Post 141 of the…

James S. Carter
Postcard of James S. Carter (d. 4/27/1922). He was the oldest man at the time that was born in Decatur. Carter was a prominent member in Masonry, and one of the oldest members of the Dunham Post #141 of the Grand Army of the Republic. He was a…

Mr. C.H. Collins
Photograph of C.H. Collins, one of the longest surviving members of the GAR.

Capt. John E. Andrews
Photograph of Capt. John E. Andrews. The description with the photo reads: "Died June 30, 1940. Past national commander, G.A.R. and former mayor of Monticello. Served under General Sherman in his "March to the Sea" in Civil War. In charge of…

GAR Entering a Church
Photograph of members of the Grand Army of the Republic entering a church in 1908. The photo was taken by J.K. Stafford on May 24, 1908.

GAR Birthplace
Photograph of the birthplace of the Grand Army of the Republic at 253 S. Park, Decatur, IL.

WRC No. 4 Float in the GAR 50th Anniversary Parade
Negative of the WRC No. 4 float in the Grand Army of the Republic's 50th anniversary parade in Decatur, IL in 1937.

Mr. Fred Buy
Photograph of Mr. Fred Buys checking into a hotel in Decatur, IL on May 17, 1937.