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Photo of House on 243 S. Franklin Street.

HO83-243_S_FRANKLIN_ST, JAMES_ALLEN_HSE, 8-19-1938.jpg
Photograph of House on 243 S. Franklin Street. "Records in the county recorder's office show that the house was constructed in 1837 by James Allen and later became the property of Wilson Allen in 1837, Jerome R. Gorin in 1846, William L. Powers in…

Photo of Dr. J. T. B. Stapp's House 200 Block Franklin and William Streets.

Photograph of House on corner of N. Franklin and E. Williams Streets. "the home of Dr. J. T. B. Stapp, called Decatur's first capitalist stood for many years at the corner of Franklin and William streets on ground now occupied by the Decatur post…

Photo of House on 448 N. Franklin Street.

HO51-448_N_FRANKLIN_ST, D_S_SHELLABARGER_HSE, 11-27-1910.jpg
Photograph of Houses on 448 N. Franklin Street. "Built by D. S. Shellabarger in 1879. The present high school building was started in 1910. In September, 1909, the Shellabarger house and grounds was purchased by the Decatur board of education and…

Photo of House on 226 N. Franklin Street.

Photograph of House on 226 N. Franklin Street. "Though this picture was made after the Jasper J. Peddecord house at 226 N. Franklin street had deteriorated, it was at one time one of the handsomest in the city. It had 14 rooms and was long a center…

Photo of A. W. Conklin House 507 N. Franklin Street.

HO46-507_N_FRANKLIN_ST, 6-26-1935140.jpg
Photograph of A. W. Conklin house, 507 N. Franklin street under construction; 6/26/1935. Photograph of the completed house at 507 N. Franklin. "This house was owned by A. W. Conklin, who bought it from William H. Boyd in 1872 and remodeled it. Mrs.…

Photograph of N. Franklin at the 300 Block at North St.

Photograph of the house at N. Franklin and the 300 block at North St. This house, the first brick house in Decatur, stood for many years on the southeast corner of Franklin and North streets where the Sears Roebuck & Co. farm store was in 1955. It…

Photograph of the Stapp Lions

These lions were purchased by Dr. J.T.B. Stapp and placed in front of his home at 252 N. Franklin St. in the early 1880's. This house was later purchased by I.A. Harkrader. The lions stood at that address until Mrs. Rollo C. Persinger, who last…

Photographs of 268 W. Eldorado, The Commons Cadet House

Photographs of 268 W. Eldorado St. In 1907 this house was the clubhouse of the Decatur Cadets. It was known as the "Commons Cadet House". Previous to this it was the home of Dr. S.J. Bumstead.

Photograph of 247 W. Eldorado

HO109-247_W_ELDORADO_ST, NATHAN_TUPPER-_HSE, 9-2-1906.jpg
Photograph of 247 W. Eldorado St. Part of this house was built in 1855 and more of it in 1857. A man from Jacksonville, IL was building the house in 1855 and had only three rooms done when Nathan W. Tupper bought it from him. In 1857 the second story…

Photograph of 1324 W. Eldorado

Photo of 1324 W. Eldorado St taken on August 2, 1951.