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Photo of Ben Waggoner, Coal Dealer

BS79-Coal Dealer_Ben Waggoner_Oldes Yard_d1939.jpg
Photograph of Benn Waggoner, (died 1939) coal dealer in Decatur for 27 years. The coal yard he operated is believed to be the oldest in Decatur having been founded in 18874 by F. D. Caldwell and sold to Waggoner in 1912. Waggoner took in Joseph Michl…

Photo of Dr. Clarence True Wilson

Photograph of Dr. Clarence True Wilson (died 2/16/1939). Internationally known prohibitionist and Methodist church temperance board founder. He was the founder and for 25 years head of the Methodist church board of Temperance, prohibition and public…

Photo of Hartley Machine Co. Building

BS153-HARTLEY_MACHINE_CO, 12-1-1912.jpg
Photograph of the Hartley Machine Co. Building - S. Franklin and Decatur St. Photo taken 1912. Ran in the Review 12/1/1912.

Photo of House on 226 N. Franklin Street.

Photograph of House on 226 N. Franklin Street. "Though this picture was made after the Jasper J. Peddecord house at 226 N. Franklin street had deteriorated, it was at one time one of the handsomest in the city. It had 14 rooms and was long a center…

Photo of House on 531 W. Main Street

HO131-531_W_MAIN_ST, MICHAEL_TROUTMAN_HSE, 12-1-1912.jpg
Photograph of House on 531 W. Main Street, Decatur, IL. "Originally built by Michael Troutman in 1868. It was the first brick residence built on that street. In 1912 it was remodeled and a coat of cement plaster was put over the brick. Mr. and Mrs.…

Photo of Rev. Elisha Safford

Photograph of Rev. Elisha Safford; (died 3/5/1948). Former pastor of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Decatur. He became pastor in Decatur in 1912 and while he was here the present Westminster church building was constructed. He left Decatur…

Photo of Rev. H. C. Gibbs

Photograph of Rev. H. C. Gibbs, member of the Preacher's Aid Society for 42 years. He was at one time pastor of the First Methodist Church in Decatur, coming in here in 1901. He was connected with the society in various relationships, as, pastor,…

Photo of St. John's Episcopal Church Consecration 1912

Photograph of St. John's Episcopal Church Consecration in 1912. Photo shows procession leading into the church. Print from J. K. Stafford collection of negatives taken in the late 1890's and early 1900's which were in possession of Mr. and Mrs. Jack…

Photo of Streicher's H. P. Asphalt Plant.

BS266-Streicher Asphalt Plant_1912.jpg
Photograph of Streicher's H. P. Asphalt Plant; located on East Eldorado showing the Wabash Railroad Depot in the background. Photo ran review June 2, 1912.

Photo of the A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co. Buildings

Photograph of A. E. Staley, Mfg. Co. This is a view of the east and industrial section of Decatur in 1912. This photo was published in the Review December 1, 1912 and was taken by George Baker of Decatur. The cutline with the photo when it ran read…