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Entrance of the Country Club of Decatur at the South End of Jasper St.

Photograph of the entrance of the Country Club of Decatur on S. Jasper St. on August 13, 1911. Caption reads: "Country Club - Decatur - entrance. Located at the south end of Jasper St. This club was used until they moved to the new site east of the…

Photo of Home Manufacturing Co.

Photograph of the Home Manufacturing Co. on 901 E. Eldorado St. and in 1955 that address was the home of Sol Tick & Co. Photo taken sometime in the spring of 1909. Photo by George Baker of Decatur.

Photo of the E-Z Opener Bag Co. Freight Dock

Photograph of the E-Z Opener Bag Co. Freight Dock. This photo was made at the old factory building at E. William and Broadway. Men sitting on rolls of paper and men standing by finished product. Photo by George Baker of Decatur, ran Review…

Photos of Hue Singleton Restaurant

Photograph of the interior of Hue Singleton's Restaurant, dining room and restaurant help. Photograph of the exterior of Hue Singleton Restaurant, located on the northwest corner of Lincoln Square, taken by George Baker of Decatur, 1912. Photograph…

Photo of Stevens Mfg. Co. Woodworking Dept.

BS267-STEVENS_MFG_CO_360-380 E CERRO GORDO_1911.jpg
Photograph of the Stevens Mfg. Co. -Building, it was formerly occupied by the F. B. Tait Foundry. Photograph Woodworking Dept. The company was located at 360-380 E. Cerro Gordo Street. Ran in the Decatur Review 11/19/1911. They manufactured potato…

Photo of the A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co. Buildings

Photograph of A. E. Staley, Mfg. Co. This is a view of the east and industrial section of Decatur in 1912. This photo was published in the Review December 1, 1912 and was taken by George Baker of Decatur. The cutline with the photo when it ran read…

Photograph of 836 N Church St

HO38-836_N_CHURCH_ST,  J_W_OSGOOD_APT_HSE, 11-19-1911.jpg
Photograph of 836 N Church St. This apartment house was built by J.W. Osgood in 1911. It has changed owners several times and was bought by Ralph E. McDaniel from Rosa Bauer in 1951. It is known as the McDaniel Apartments.

Photograph of 323 W. Macon St.

Photograph of the house at 323 W. Macon St. This house was built by Smith E. Walker in 1912. His widow, Mabel Mills Walker, still lived there in 1954.

Photographs of 1165 W. Main St.

Photographs of 1165 W. Main St. This house, known as the Della P. Gushard home was built in 1912. In 1953 the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity moved into the house. They had previously occupied it from 1924 to 1932.

Photo of House on 531 W. Main Street

HO131-531_W_MAIN_ST, MICHAEL_TROUTMAN_HSE, 12-1-1912.jpg
Photograph of House on 531 W. Main Street, Decatur, IL. "Originally built by Michael Troutman in 1868. It was the first brick residence built on that street. In 1912 it was remodeled and a coat of cement plaster was put over the brick. Mr. and Mrs.…