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James H. Johnson

Photograph of James H. Johnson (d. 11/22/1868, d. 10/20/1952). Johnson was a member of the Decatur Police Department as an officer. He joined in January 1914, and was fired in July of 1914. Afterwards, he worked as a carpenter until his retirement…

Judge William Corwin Johns

Photograph of Judge William Corwin Johns (d. 6/25/1914). He came to Decatur in 1849, and attended Decatur schools. He served in the Civil War, and attended Lombard University and the University of Michigan. Johns studied law in the law office of…

Miss Frances Jenkins

BIO190-JENKINS_MISS_FRANCIS, 5-19-1914.jpg
Photograph of Miss Frances Jenkins (d. 12/1943), a well known educator. She was the supervisor of grade schools in Decatur. Jenkins left Decatur, and became an assistant professor in the education department of the University of Cincinnati. She…

I.N. Irwin

BIO188-IRWIN_I_N, C1917.jpg
Photograph of I.N. Irwin (d. 9/18/1931), a prominent Decatur druggist for 50 years. Partner in the Irwin Drug Co. with his brother, S.M. Irwin, and bought his brother's interest in 1892. In 1929, he sold a share of the business to Delos Cozad, and…

Robert I. Hunt

BIO182-HUNT_ROBERT_I-2, 6-17-1910.jpg
Photograph of Robert I. Hunt (d. 1/9/1937). He moved to Decatur in 1892, and married Ann Packard, daughter of Silas Packard. He was prominent in state and local politics. He helped organize and build the Suffern-Hunt Mill and the Polar Ice and…

Henry Hollmann

BIO175-HOLLMANN_HENRY, 12-17-1913.jpg
Photograph of Henry Hollmann, former vice-president and factory superintendent of the Muhlenbruch Glove Co. in Decatur. Hollmann was the brother-in-law of Otto Muhlenbruch. He came to Decatur from Ohio with the company in February 1907. The…

Bert J. Hardy

BIO167-HARDY_BERT_J, 11-3-1916.jpg
Photograph of Bert J. Hardy (d. 11/2/1916). He was a shoe salesman in Decatur for 35 years. He was a member of the Folrath & Hardy store, which became Folrath & Folrath. In 1899, he formed a partnership with Walter Hutchin at 139 N. Water St.…

Dick Hardin

Photograph of Dick Hardin. The photograph was taken by Vandeventer, and used in the Decatur Herald or Daily Review.

Charles H. Goodmiller

BIO151-GOODMILLER_CHARLES_H, 2-19-1911.jpg
Photograph of Charles H. Goodmiller (d. 10/28/1952). Goodmiller built the first grocery story and filling station at Wyckles Corner, and became known as the "Mayor of Wyckles Corner". At 16, he began working for the former Mills Lumber Co., and…

John P. Faris

BIO139-FARIS_JOHN_P, 7-27-1910.jpg
Photograph of John P. Faris (d. 7/27/1910), the most prominent citizen and businessman in Niantic, IL. He started his grain business in 1861 called Faris & Cannon, and operated for 50 years. His offices were at 210 Review building in Decatur, IL. …