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Photograph of the Dennis School Building Site

Photograph of the Dennis School building site taken in 1909 shortly before the school was built. This house once stood where the Dennis building now stands and this area used to be on the very edge of town, practically in the woods. Land on which the…

Photograph of the Corner of Oakland and Eldorado

Photograph of the corner of Oakland Ave. and Eldorado taken at an unknown date.

Photograph of the Wabash Freight House

RR32-Wabash Freight House c 1900259.jpg
Photograph of the Wabash R.R. freight house in Decatur IL near the Illinois Central crossing circa 1900.

Photographs of the Longview Housing Development.

Photographs of the Longview housing development. One aerial shot and one shot of the play area.

Photographs of Boat Houses along the Sangamon River

Photographs of boat houses along the Sangamon River before the valley was flooded to create Lake Decatur.

Photographs of 1646 Buena Vista

Photographs of 1646 Buena Vista taken in 1990. This was Marjorie Tomes rental house, originally a Decatur Defense home.