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John R. Fitzgerald

BIO141-FITZGERALD_JOHN_R, 1-15-1919.jpg
Photograph of John R. Fitzgerald (d. 1/30/1952). He was a Decatur attorney and outstanding criminal lawyer. Fitzgerald was a member of the Decatur Bar Association, United States Association, charter member of the Knights of Columbus Decatur Chapter…

Thomas F. Muleady

BIO283-MULEADY_THOMAS_F-2, 2-4-1912.jpg
Photography of Thomas F. Muleady; (died Feb 16, 1936). Decatur tailor for 50 years. His father, Thomas J. started the tailoring business here in 1873. He was a member of St. Patrick's Catholic Church and a trustee of the church for 50 years. He was…

William J. Nees

BIO287-NEES_WILLIAM_J, C1922.jpg
Photograph of William J. Nees sitting at the organ console. William J. Neese did his part in the celebration last week of the 65th anniversary of Father Jeremiah Murphy's entry into the priesthood, in his usual modest, characteristic manner. He…

Photograph of the Corner of Jackson and Eldorado

Photograph of the house at the 400 block of E. Eldorado at the corner of Jackson St. It was built by George Haworth in 1881-1882. Haworth sold the property to Moses Stafford who sold it to St. Patrick's Catholic Church in 1891 to be used for a parish…