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Photograph of 1295 W. Main St.

Photograph of 1295 W. Main St. This house was built by Honore M. Owen in 1908 and 1909. It was willed to his son Honore M., Jr. in 1950. The 1954 city directory lists Robert H. Morris as living there.

Photograph of 404-418 W. Main St.

Photograph of 404-418 W. Main St. This building was built by J.R. Henton and J.W. Richardson, brother-in-law of Henton, in 1909-1912. It was known as the Henton Apartments. In 1954 it was owned by Don Richardson of Shelbyville, IL., who is a son of…

Photograph of 1105 N. Main St.

Photograph of 1105 N. Main St. This house was built by Adam F. Gebhart in 1909. In 1954 it was owned by his son, Grover Gebhart.

Photographs from the Lincoln Courthouse

Photographs from the Lincoln Courthouse, the first log cabin in Decatur, in Fairview Park.

Photographs from the Morehouse & Wells Fire

FR46-MOREHOUSE & WELLS-1, 8-22-1909.jpg
Several photographs from the August 22, 1909 Morehouse & Wells fire that took out nearly a block of downtown Decatur businesses. The fire started in the Morehouse & Wells building on East Main and destroyed half the block bounded by Merchant,…

Photographs from the Decatur Cereal Mill Fire

FR5-DECATUR CEREAL MILL-1, 6-8-1909.jpg
Photographs taken from the Decatur Cereal Mill Fire, formerly known as the Suffern-Hunt Mill, which occurred on June 8, 1909. The fire started in the dryers on the sixth floor of the mill, however the cause was a mystery. The fire was discovered by…

Photographs of Fire Department Steamer

FD7-STEAMER, 8-22-1909.jpg
Photographs of the Fire Departments steamer, taken around the time of the Morehouse & Wells fire on August 22, 1909. One photograph taken on East Main St. The arrival of fire equipment on the square often brought crowds of curious onlookers.

Photograph of Fire Wagon during Funeral Procession

Photograph of Jim Park driving a fire wagon for Jack Sheehy's funeral procession taken in 1909.

Photos First Methodist Episcopal Church, 201 W. North Street, Decatur, IL.

Photograph postcard of First Methodist Episcopal Church, Decatur, IL. written 6/2/1909. (It is now the First United Methodist Church, still located at 201 W. North Street.)Photograph of Rev. John C. Willits, former pastor of the First Methodist…

Photos of the Kraft Hotel

Photograph of the Kraft Hotel built in 1908, photo taken about that time. Photograph of the Kraft Hotel, 561-563 Front Street, Decatur, IL. photo taken in 1940's.